Paul Ryan Speech

Here is a great Paul Ryan speech. Here is a portion:

We can strengthen our defense of liberty if we remember to keep in mind those
who are struggling to make ends meet. What makes our Constitution such an
extraordinary document is that, in making the United States the freest
civilization in history, the Founders guaranteed that it would
become the most prosperous as well. The American system of limited government,
low taxes, sound money and the rule of law has done more to help the poor
than any other economic system ever designed.

I want to talk today in particular about the last of those – the rule of law,
which is absolutely essential to all the other benefits of our system, to the
prosperity and freedom of our country, and to the well being of all Americans,
especially the most vulnerable.

What is the rule of law? When the Declaration of Independence cited as
justification “the laws of nature and of nature’s God,” the Founders were
channeling Aristotle, who wrote that the rule of law in principle means that,
quote, “God and intellect alone rule.”

Aristotle defined the law as “intellect without appetite,” by which he meant
justice untainted by the self-interest of those in power.

The issue of the future of this country will be freedom. Freedom costs something so the question will be will the younger generation be willing to pay a price to be free from a government that capriciously (Can change at the whim of a bureaucrat or politically connected person) runs things or will they allow the government to guarantee them a minimal existence?

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