Church after an Abortion

Abortion, fornication, adultery, divorce, drug abuse and drunkenness
are all actions that should be routinely preached against in any Christian
church. Yet, we live in a society where, to a large extent, we are guilty in
one way or another. I remember after coming into church and looking at a paper
with all of the above mentioned sins printed in bold type staring me in the
face. Guilty.


So the question becomes how can a person who has undergone
an abortion with all of the underlying torment come into a church only to have
their bad decision thrown in their face every so often?


One of the manifestations of the curse of sin is the
rejection of the gospel. We make that question above into a statement of faith.
I’ll never go to a place where they make me feel guilty about what I have done
with my life. So we limp through life avoiding contact with the gospel and the
church that is called to lift it up. The problem is that our sin is not just a
bad life decision it is an open door to a spirit world that hates us. Our sin
has a way of complicating and eventually destroying our lives. We carry on,
always quick to avoid any contact with the gospel. Why allow them to add to our


Well come on in because the water is fine. Abortion and all
of our sins are washed away through the blood of Jesus when we come to Him by
faith. How does this happen? “Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord, shall
be saved”. Is it a special prayer? A cry from the heart? A baptism ritual? You
define it and make it happen.


What goes along with this is repentance. It means the
changing of the way we think about our life activities. To go to church
defending the abortion of years ago is a sure way to come out of that church
with a hardened heart should the preacher mention abortion in a sinful light.
To have repented of that abortion changes all of these dynamics. Repentance
means your sins of the past are no longer up for discussion. You have been
forgiven by God, for some it will take the washing of the word to help a person
forgive themselves. The beautiful thought of the gospel is “there is no
condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus”. Repentance allows a person to
live this. My sin no longer haunts me or prevents me from getting close to the
gospel light. I can listen to God’s wisdom about the sinfulness of abortion
being imparted to young people who might find themselves in the same position I
once was in. I can listen and say “amen” with no condemnation because I am now
forgiven and a new creation in Christ.


What about special ministry? The church is identified by
this statement: “They shall know you are my disciples by your love one for
another”. There is something about the love of God growing in our lives that
allows us to have grace upon others. It is allowing our lives to be captured by
that love that exists in the church. Everything you need to overcome and begin
to grow in love is right there in that church.

About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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