Abortion, Good or Bad for You?

Here is an article updating us on the ongoing war of statistics over abortion. The new study is a combining of all of the stats from 22 previous studies covering almost a million women. Its results will be tough for the pro abortion crowd to get around. I found this quote concerning this new study from that same issue of “British Journal of Psychiatry”.

Having an abortion is often a highly stressful event and the consequent implications for the person’s mental health have been                     hotly disputed. A comprehensive review of the literature suggests that there is a significant increase in mental health problems                     after abortion. Coleman (pp. 180–186) suggests that these risks need to be reflected in the delivery of abortion services, and raises the thorny issue that 90%                     of UK abortions are justified on the presumption that abortion actually reduces the risk to mental health associated with                     continuing the pregnancy.

So in Britian the reason for an abortion in 90% of the cases is for the mental well being of the woman who is seeking the abortion.

To try and deny that the nature of a woman is disturbed by the violent removing and destroying of something that she knows is a baby despite everything telling her that it is not a baby is what modern medicine has been trying to do ever since abortion became sanctioned by the state. They are losing their ability to dance around the issue. For all of the women who have been harmed in their souls by believing this lie there is only one cure for the hurt. That is the blood of Jesus.

I have some thoughts along these lines I am trying to put into words for a sermon; so I will try and expand some thoughts in a very positive way.

The issue is how can a woman who has had an abortion feel comfortable in a church that preaches that abortion is sinful?


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