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Grand Mufti’s Legacy, No Compromise

Here is a short article giving us the background as to why the Palestinians have rejected statehood 3 times before now. Here is just one quote: He then moved on to Berlin, where he spent the duration of the war … Continue reading

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Something for Nothing

I recently preached from Jer. 6:14 about being “slightly healed”. One of the features of living life at that time was an attitude that had everyone from top to bottom looking for something for nothing. It is easy to take … Continue reading

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Reading and Rioting

There are several of these kinds of articles floating around. They all are examining one feature of the now almost forgotten London riots. The one small point was that while all of the retail stores all around them were being broken into … Continue reading

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Slightly Healed

We had a great service Sunday night baptizing four young people. We followed the baptism service with some great food and fellowship. Sunday morning I preached a sermon “Slightly Healed” from: Jer 6:14 “They have healed the brokenness of My people … Continue reading

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Israeli Realities

As we approach the moment when the Palestinians will seek statehood through the UN, I found this article worth reading. It is loaded with links and the comments are worth looking at as Richard Landes defends his statements.

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Daniel’s Prophecies

Daniel’s Prophecies My study of Alexander the Great required my understanding of the book of Daniel. Daniel’s description of the four empires includes Alexander’s as the third. Dan 2:36-40 “This was the dream, and now we will interpret it to … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Quote

Came across this great quote here. Here is the quote from a book review: “The really hard part about teaching is the thinking. Because if you want to help people as an educator, you have to know what people are … Continue reading

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