One Minute Bible Studies

This last Saturday we had seven folks from Marion come and help us pass out flyers for our current revival with Erich Tonnemacher. I challenged their seven and our seven to take time to ask people if they would like to do a short bible study. Well the results were equal to my highest expectation, and I tend to be an eternal optimist. They collected 24 tickets for the drawing Sept 18 and a couple didn’t enter the drawing. Plus, Glenda did another one with a lady who had been involved in an auto accident 20 years ago and she finished the bible reading with tears as she said it was the first sense of peace she has had since that event. Counting the multiple people involved with some of the studies that brings our semi-official running total to about 90 (including one I did this morning in front of Walmart). Three of those bible studies led to prayers of committment to Jesus, Lord of Lords (every knee shall bow and every tongue confess); always better to do that here in this life than to wait for your moment standing in the spirit before the King of Kings.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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