American Fear of Christianity

I recently commented about Iran’s fear of Christianity. Da Tech Guy has a blog post that gives an interesting explanation of one half of this current generation’s hysterical fear of Christianity. It looks like the medias frontal assault upon the Republican candidates will center around a mocking of their religious convictions. Very un PC, but its OK when it comes to Christian values in modern America. Here are a few excerpts:

There are now two parallel cultures in the US:  One the culture born out of the 60′s that is secular and narcissistic.  To that culture the primary sin is to …define something as sin or forbidden.  The other is the Judeo-Christian culture that the country has lived under since it’s founding.

The distinguishing characteristic of the secular culture, driven by their lack of belief both in God and in themselves, is fear:  Fear of salt in food, fear of traumatizing children by making rules, fear of offending anybody, fear of judgement calls.  Simply put fear of being held responsible for anything.  That is why it loves government control.

Even worse it seems to confirm their culture’s inferiority complex.  To a culture that decided to use everything from drugs, to politics to the earth itself to fill the empty space that religion once held the achievement of those who came before towers over them.  I suspect they dub their grandparents the “Greatest Generation” because it excuses them from even attempting to achieve what their Grandparents & Great Grandparents did in much harder times.  It’s why a person like Sarah Palin disgusts them so.  She and people like her are a constant reminder of what they could have been but rejected.



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2 Responses to American Fear of Christianity

  1. DaTechGuy says:

    I’m flattered by your attention to my post, thanks

  2. Insightful. I fully believe that making Christianity into an enemy of the state so they don’t have to be confronted by it ever again will be their next move. Great post.

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