Iran’s Fear

Taking a break from all of their “end times” hopes of the destruction of Israel and the coming of the 12th Iman, the clergy of Iran has given voice to what it really fears in this article. Yes, they fear bibles. And yes they connect the distribution of bibles with the spreading of the Christian message which leads to the conversion of Muslims to Christianity. Here are a couple of quotes:

Elam was founded in 1988 by senior Iranian church leaders in Britain “with the vision of reaching Iran and the Persian speaking world for Christ.”

It says that at the time of the Islamic revolution in 1979, there were fewer than 500 known Iranian Christians from a Muslim background.

“Today the most conservative estimate is that there are at least 100,000 believers in the nation.”

This has led to a national effort to counter the growth of Christianity in Iran. Truth has a way of coming out in the wash. Think about a young Iranian reading this report of Christian women evangelists in stores; they know better and will end up disbelieving everything the government says about Christianity.

The Barnabas Fund, an organization working with Christian minorities in Islamic societies, reports that Iranian authorities have been waging an anti-Christian propaganda campaign through state media in recent weeks.

“Last month, offensive caricatures depicting Christ and Christians were published in the [IRGC mouthpiece] magazine Javan,” it said.

“False and insulting stories about Christians have also appeared in government media. One such article that was published on the website Youth Online alleged that women evangelists were going into stores, using shopping as a pretext to enter into conversation with staff, and then suggesting sexual liaisons and insulting Islam.”


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