One Minute Bible Studies

Coming back to this has required more effort than I imagined. So here we go. We have started a new outreach program in church that I am really enjoying. We have a small booklet with 20 one page bible studies with some provocative titles in the table of contents. The idea is to ask someone if they would listen to a short bible study. We just read the scriptures and see what will happen. I have done about 10 with some being with groups of young people. My nephew’s evasive comment when asked to do a second one was: “It makes me think about God”. He was saying that as a negative. But for me it is a positive and that is the reason we are doing this. Nellie got to share the bible study, “The Ten Rules of Dating” with 7 young people. Glenda has done over 20 in the short two weeks we have been doing this. She has commented that most people she is talking with are choosing “Road to Hope” and she sees this as indicative of people’s need for some real hope in their lives.

We combine the bible study with a drawing for a 25 dollar gift certificate of their choice and after the completion of the bible study we text everyone else is church with a report of our experience. It has been a great time, something that we will continue to do. Makes you wonder if the spiritual temperature of Sparta would change when we reach 4 or 5 thousand. Sparta’s population is 4500. Well so far we have about 50 or so I’ll get an accurate count and keep it posted.


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  1. Very interesting outreach tool. You have a lot of posts (appears even more than what I have). You, though, are welcome to check out posts about various topics, pastors from the fellowship and not from the fellowship, etc.

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