Easter’s Coming

We have had such a great combination of sermons and Sunday schools that I think will make this Easter special for out church. Viewing the special place of a meal in the ministry of Jesus is fairly easy to spot in the bible. What is beautiful is the picture of Jesus knocking on the door of our heart in Rev. 3:20 because He wants to come in and dine with us. He wants to share a meal with us. We studied the parables and watched as Jesus shared meals and good times with many different kinds of people, but was always able to use the occasion as a time of ministry. The most significant meal was what we call “The Last Supper” a Passover meal Jesus shared with His disciples the night of His betrayal.

We are going to attempt to capture something of that night in our own Easter “Love Feast”. We will be meeting at 5:00 and go directly to the fellowship hall and lay out our dishes for a communal meal. You noticed that word “communal”; that is because we are wanting to capture the spirit of what Jesus communicated at the “Last Supper” in the Chapters of John. “As My Father and I are one….” That our communion meal would capture the powerful reality of “Christ in us, the hope of glory”. It is impossible to read the “communion” verses without realizing that they exist as something built into a meal that the believers are sharing together.

We are all going to do our best to prepare some Jewish dishes, not limiting ourselves to the dishes served at a Jewish Seder or Passover meal. We will have our tables laid out with candles and we will bring our dishes divided up into several serving plates so that we can all sit together and start eating together rather than line up buffet style. Within the time frame of the meal we will “call to remembrance” what Christ did for us on the cross and the miracle of His resurrection. Looking forward to Easter!


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