Ban That Song

In the 1960’s we experienced the free speech movement on our college campuses. The call was for freedom to say and do whatever a person wanted to do. The door was opened for our courts to defend vulgarity and immorality. The doors were opened for an onslaught of sights and sounds that have planted seeds in our hearts that have convinced us that there is nothing wrong with immorality. We could burn flags, piss on bibles and publish pornography all in the name of free speech.

Now that we have allowed all of this to enter our hearts we shouldn’t be surprised to see its effects upon us as a nation. The same spiritual force that manipulated those to open the doors to immorality in the name of free speech is now manipulating those same people to close the door to free speech that might counter that immorality. What’s wrong with this song? 

Watching our politicians, who defended burning flags, now willing to suspend freedom for the Koran burner. Freedom is in danger!


About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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