Civil Servants?

Dianne has asked that we start praying for the state of Illinois employees. We have started praying that they would have a spirit of honesty and integrity. It would be nice for all of us if the notion of “civil servant” were to return as the reason “to be” for our government workers, for without it, no matter what the service offered, it will be reduced to us begging them.

Illinois was one of three states that had a special election of a senator this election that called for that senator, Senator Kirk, to be sworn in so as to be a part of the lame duck session of congress taking place right now. Our state is still looking for the paperwork, so this potentially important republican vote is not available from the democratic bureaucracy of Illinois. The democratic bureaucracy of Illinois also was unable to fulfill its obligation to get ballots out to our servicemen from the state of Illinois. Why do I say democratic bureaucracy; because all government workers are unionized and those unions do not fight for what is best for the country but what can put the most money into their member’s pockets thus filling their own coffers from them and the politicians they can influence to vote for bills that put more money into their member’s pockets, you get the circular picture.

Some stimulus money did reach a small 20 foot bridge about 3 miles north of Sparta. We have had to endure single lane traffic with 3 lights allowing traffic whether there is traffic or not for 3 months now. It looks like they are finally ready to start on the other half of the bridge. Three months and still not finished. Now I am sure this little 20 foot bridge  with two lane traffic was in desperate need of an upgrade or the local union was in desperate need to find some work for its members, but seriously how long can you string a job out. Private contractor, anyone, oh I forgot not allowed, and don’t complain, cause we might just take longer. Why? Because they can and there is nothing you can do about it.

My wife got a ticket. She paid the amount on the ticket given to her by the police officer. She then received a phone call informing her that she needed to pay $25 more. She questioned this and found out that the state of Illinois hasn’t changed the amounts on the tickets that the police offer yet but she still has to pay. She questioned if this was right  or not and was informed that if she liked they can keep the money she already gave them and consider her delinquent which would result in a warrant being issued. That put her in her place, don’t question the democratic bureaucracy of Illinois or else.

Was she talking with a “civil servant”? Expand the attitude described above to the current uproar over the TSA, our coming national health care bureaucracy (democratic to the core) and we should not only be concerned we should recognize that we are all sheep being led to the slaughter. Is it too late? Politics might help…but the only real change is for a return to the notion of “civil servant” and really that is a Christian term. A polite leader who sees their position as an opportunity to serve others. Take the Christian out and you are left with what we have. The real answer for real change can only be found in the spiritual realm.


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