Alexander Needs to Know

In conquering Egypt Alexander becomes the new Pharoah, their god, but he has some questions that cannot be answered with a title that says he is a god. His mother has planted a seed in his soul that will not whither away. Two Egyptian maidens were captured and taken to two locations, followed by two black doves flying from the temple of Ammon in Thebes to those same two locations with instructions for the establishing of an oracle, one in Dedona, Greece and the other in Siwa in the Lybian desert. It was the one in Dedona that shaped the mysticism of Alexander’s mother, as she partook of all of the secret rites that surrounded the mysteries of the temple. Her husband would eventually look for a less terrifying companion, but she was always Alexander’s mother. She and Alexander shared a secret about the identity of his true father.

So Alexander after laying out the design of the future center of the intellectual world in Alexandria took off with some of his men along the coast of Lybia and then stiking south into the desert heading to the sister shrine of the shrine that so shaped the woman who was his mother. He arrives and immediately is standing before a god, Jupiter Amon, a god who can somewhat move with his words coming out of the attending priest. It seems that Alexander hears what he desires to hear, very normal in these circumstances, and he leaves a man confident in who his father is and thus who he is. A world awaits to be conquered.

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