The Greatest Quarterback Ever

This is the only way to describe a man who never punted, always went for 2, always played offense and the only thing that finally stopped him, was that his team was so exhausted they forced him to quit. This is Alexander the Great.

The golden boy, tutored by Aristotle, urged to supernatural greatness by his mother, takes over the army of his father at age 20. He has already won their respect by living their life without complaining and showing a fearlessness that would never leave him. The vision is the world, but first the tribes to the north and then another lesson for the squabbling Greeks and then the crossing of the Dardanelles to never look back.

The first decisive battle at Issus, ends with Darius fleeing, and Alexander being left victorious. His army acts as an offensive line punching a hole in the Persian defensive line allowing Alexander to lead his Companions through the opening to create havoc behind their lines giving him the victory. He does not settled for the extra point but races for two reaching Damascus to capture the treasure and mother, wife and daughter of Darius.

Darius would be willing to give up claim to Alexander’s new territory in exchange for his family, but this game will not end in a tie.

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