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Alexander Unleashes the Grecian Spirit

How do you describe anything in the spirit? Jesus complained that we couldn’t understand “love one another” how could He begin to have us understand heavenly things. He described the things of the spirit like wind that we cannot see, yet we … Continue reading

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Because of Alexander

Alexander beats Darius at Arbela to become the new ruler of the Medo-Persian empire that had overshadowed the Greek civilization up onto this point in time. Alexander takes the playbook from Cyrus who overturned the Babylonian empire in allowing each region, city … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn is Back

Mark Steyn is starting to write again after being out of country on different speaking engagements during this latest political season. So he writes another one of those “Decline and Fall” articles that just get you thinking, or maybe its praying.

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Alexander Visits Jerusalem?

The Jewish historian Josephus tells us that Alexander took time out from the sieges of Tyre and Gaza to visit the temple at Jerusalem. Here he is shown the manuscripts written by Daniel so many years before. Sitting here today … Continue reading

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Alexander Needs to Know

In conquering Egypt Alexander becomes the new Pharoah, their god, but he has some questions that cannot be answered with a title that says he is a god. His mother has planted a seed in his soul that will not … Continue reading

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The Alexander Difference

Nebuchadnezzar besieged Tyre for 13 years finally gaining a victory through negotiation. Alexander shows up on the scene following his victory over Darius wanting tribute and he wants to offer sacrifice to Heracles, violating some ritual of the Tyranians; thus … Continue reading

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Behind the Rescue

There are forces at work behind the rescue of the Chilean miners that will get short thrift from our modern media because it illustrates the positive power of capitalism. Here is an article from the new #1 newspaper in America, passing … Continue reading

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The Greatest Quarterback Ever

This is the only way to describe a man who never punted, always went for 2, always played offense and the only thing that finally stopped him, was that his team was so exhausted they forced him to quit. This … Continue reading

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No Bookie ever Committed a Crime that Big

Here is an interesting quote from Peggy Noonan: People, as we know, are imperfect. Governments, composed top to bottom of imperfect people wielding power, are very imperfect. There are, of course, a million examples, big and small, of how governments … Continue reading

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More Monze Photos

Here are some more photos, including the one mentioned below with Happy and his family.

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