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Thursday in Mazabuka

I wake up sensing some of that inevitable culture shock. The action is non stop and even though I have spent seven years of my life here it is still a different cultural setting that assails all of my senses … Continue reading

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Authentic What?

Who knew there was a 20 year tourist industry centered around paid visits to Harlem’s churches. Here is the article: Here is a quote: But the reason foreign visitors come to Abyssinian—sometimes by the thousands—and other churches like it … Continue reading

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Off to Gwembe

Wednesday morning we were going to get an early start for Gwembe, where our friends the Wilcox’s live. Nasheem made the early departure compared to her pampering of us an easy choice. We lingered for coffee, spiced tea and a … Continue reading

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A New Term

You may or may not have noticed that our national leaders have a new term, global climate disruption, to replace the proven false term, global warming. Here is a great article from Great Britain describing the efforts underway to get … Continue reading

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Manassas/First Bull Run

I started reading “Lee’s Lieutenants” by Douglas Freeman. Here is a battle description with some spiritual notes. General Beauregard was the victor of Fort Sumter and was now the commander of the Manassas Confederate line in Northern Virginia. His victory … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Shift

We hurriedly packed our things. I was relieved to not have to pack under the eye of the manager, I would come back later to square away our bill. Audra had went off to find the Mubika girls, while the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning with Bright, George and Nora, and Alfred and Theresa

Having taking care of these issues of life Bright and I returned to the guest house and set up under the tree to entertain guests. First to arrive was George, his new wife Nora and their baby, Mercy. I was … Continue reading

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