Our Zambian Adventure

Just before beginning our return journey to Zambia I finished a book that was given to me by Mary Lou (Cindy Wright’s mother). The title of the book was “The African Adventure; Four Hundred Years of Exploration in the ‘Dangerous Continent” by Timothy Severin. The book finished with this quote:

“What is equally notable is that the same fascination which caught up the explorers, reached out to embrace their families and acquaintances’ as well. The lure of Africa seemed almost to have been a contagious disease.”

I read that and wondered if my love for Africa (Zambia) would pass on to any of my three girls in a similar way. Taking all three of them with Joan and I on this journey is a dream trip of a lifetime.

I am reminded of my reading of "Reeling in Russia" by Fen Montaigne. He was a journalist assigned to Russia and he fell in love with the people and the nation. He made the statement that you rather hated it or loved it. He loved it and after being brought back to the states convinced a publisher to pay him to go fishing all over Russia and write a book of his experiences.

That’s how I feel about Zambia, I love it. It is more of a homecoming to return to Zambia than it was to return to the states after 7 years there.


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