“Billy’s” Treat

Billy took Joan, Brooke and I out to dinner our last night in Reno. Casino buffets, gotta love em!. Billy has slowly but surely been winning Joan and I over; but this dinner sealed the deal for me. We are all going back and forth getting different foods, but Billy returns with some shrimp fried up in spices that wasn’t out there for the rest of us. It was a big helping and he encouraged us all to share in what he had procured. We all took our turns wrestling with crab legs. When Billy came back to the table with his crab legs, he came back with a bowl of a spiced up butter to dip the crab into. He then quickly and efficiently removed the meat and dipped the crab sharing it with Brooke.

He let us know that he tips the cooks. Being a gourmet cook in a buffet line is OK, but finding someone who appreciates your work enough to tip and allow you to show your stuff makes life a little bit better.

Billy had an element of “favor” working in his life as we ate that night in the casino. He is bringing out the best in others, allowing them to show favor towards him and us.

Jesus had favor, the church had favor, finding a wife brings favor and being able to pray together with that wife brings the favor of life upon both of their lives. Yes, that is what we are hoping for.


About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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