News from Mazabuka

Here is a letter from Pastor Charles Tembo. He pastors the church in Mazabuka where we pastored for 7 years. I asked him to give me a list of things he needs as we will be traveling there to preach in June.


Hello Pastor,

Warm greetings from the sweetest town of Mazabuka
Zambia Africa. Hopefully all is well with you and your family, we too here are fantastically fine and looking forward to having you and your family next month. The Church is doing pretty good the baby Churches Monze and Magoye are doing good only Shimungalu which is leaping but we believe God it will be established. Monze have just finished building the Church wall. There is great improvement in Monze people have really put their hands together. We have now registered Monze Church to the registrar of societies. In Shimungalu we have put up the structure of steal poles and iron sheets. We are looking forward to building the Pastor’s house in Shimungalu.

Every year in October, we do have home harvesters revival where all our baby Churches come, it starts on Thursday through Saturday. Last year we were previledged to have our senior Pastor for Central Africa Pastor Jeff Day who ministered to us, during the same week we had a revival with Pastor Wayne King from the U.S.A and this year we are going to have Pastor John Chisha as our guest speaker during our home harvester’s revival.

Pastor Day has been gracious and helpfull to me, last month I was priviledged to go to Malawi where I did a revival in Blantyre, from there I went to Ndola and Chingola, I saw the power of God in these revivals.

I thank God for all what he is doing and is about to do in our lives and ministry. Keep praying for us as we keep sowering the seed and lowering the nets.

Below is a list of things which we as a Church would like you help us with. Iam also patiently waiting for the promise of the P.C. Kindly find for me the book (Shepherd Stuff) and new movies please as requested by Chile.

The speakers you brought us last time are working perfectly and they are the only ones being used for all our church programmes, so we are kindly requesting for another PA system, because we do not have speakers to use for our outreaches.

ü Piano.

ü Bass and Bass Speaker.

ü Drum Skins (Premier).

ü Drum Sticks.

ü Microphones Codes.

ü Microphones, kindly include Codeless Mics.

ü Power Codes. (Short ones).

ü Guitar Codes.

ü Guitar Strings (Bass and Lead).

ü Orange Extension Codes.

ü Extension Adapters.

ü DVD Player.

N.B. incase you are not aware, we lost Alice Mubika she was hit by a car in Kitwe. It’s really a big loss for the Mubika’s as well as the Church. May her soul rest in internal peace.

Thank you so much and God bless!!!

Pastor Tembo.

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