Jesus Cake

Laura Michelle made a beautiful, raspberry filled cake this last Easter. The only problem was that she and her roommates all went in different directions for dinner after church that morning. That night they started a 3 day fast for the upcoming conference in Cape Cod. Laura Michelle decided to take the cake to her workplace the next day and place it in the communal kitchen. The first person to notice the red and pink cake sitting there was ecstatic with joy: “I was hoping for some cake for breakfast”; but as she approached the cake her demeanor changed as her pace slowed. “Oh” she said as she viewed the writing on the cake: “Yeah Jesus!”.

She carefully, almost reverently, cut a piece, careful not to disturb the writing on the cake. The “Jesus Cake” became the talk of the office that day. One of the girls in Laura Michelle’s department asked if she had brought it in, but for most the gift giver was unknown. There was the per functionary complaint by the homosexual about being violated. But no lawyers appeared. Its called light and darkness.

The cake became smaller and smaller as people were careful to keep the writing in tact; but eventually the “Yeah” disappeared leaving only “Jesus”. Then the hallways began to buzz with excitement. Some of the salesmen had connected their good fortunes with the arrival of the “Jesus Cake”. To top things off the stock of the company rose that day. Comments about needing “Jesus Cakes” around here more often combined with a general sense of well being as the day ended. The cake eventually disappeared and someone gave the plate a good washing. Laura Michelle felt blessed.

I preached about it last night. I thought she said “Hey Jesus”, but Joan let us know that it was “Yeah Jesus”. That same good feeling that permeated the office permeated our church that night. We felt blessed.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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