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We will be showing the film "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" Sunday night. I read a review in Seattle in the early 1990’s about a molecular biology book. I had not read "Darwin on Trial" yet and was not aware of the currents of change that were beginning to swirl around me. I can’t remember the title but I could only find it at the University of Washington bookstore, it was a text book required for a class there. It was a bit beyond me, but what I remember was his apology and adamant statement that he did not believe in God but his conclusion was that there was no way Darwinism could explain the factories that were working in a single cell. This was before "Darwin’s Black Box". I tried to incorporate the factories of the cell into some of my sermons. It was just another affirmation of God in nature that strengthened my faith.

The fact is that Darwinist thinking takes direct aim at Christianity and the belief in a creator. It is not a coincidence that Darwin’s chief defender, Richard Dawkins” wrote a book called "The God Delusion". The evidence for God or “Intelligent Design” is ever increasing as our knowledge of the world we live in increases. This film does a great job in illustrating some of the thinking in that first book I read so long ago and “Darwin’s Black Box”.

The simplest cell is a miracle of machinery accomplishing specific tasks. The concept of irreducible complexity throws a wrench in the machinery of Darwinism. How did the simplest cell create a machine. The parts to make the machine work had to all arrive at the same time, not one at a time during the slow process of natural selection. The machine needs all the parts to function so they all had to show up at once.

This film does a great job in giving us a graphic picture of those machines working in a single cell.


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