Almost Hypnotized

I read this article with its kind of sing songy cadence, agreeing and disagreeing as it went along. Its justifications of why scientists could not take the time to respond to critics were included with the rhythm of the article. I knew down underneath it all we were on different sides of the debate but I was almost hypnotized. Then I read the first comment and was jarred back to reality. Here it is:

“Virtually any skeptic with even the shadow of a plausible case is going to get a hearing before this is done.”

You sanctimonious windbag. Climate skeptics haven’t been getting a hearing for the past 10 years. The skeptics have been derided as deniers, idiots, paid shills, And they still aren’t getting a hearing. Penn State investigates Mann? How about we spend a couple of million and go back and try to duplicate Mann’s results?

Phil Jones? How about we go and double check his results?

But we can’t because they have ‘lost’ their data and won’t release their methodology.

Meanwhile, rather than defend their scientific positions the AGW crowd have endlessly stated that the science is settled, the debate is over, it takes to much time to prove our positions and you have to trust us. The AGW crowd runs from debate, but never hesitates to use appeals to authority and ad hominem attacks to defend their position. And lets not talk about how they have corrupted the peer review process.

You sir wouldn’t not make a purchase from a salesman using these tactics, yet you consider them to be business as usual when it comes to science.

Mann, Jones, et all should be arguing that we duplicate their studies to prove their points. Why not, the science is settled, right? Yet instead, they refuse to release their data and methods and demand, DEMAND, that we trust them.

There is a reason why the Revenue Services, the SEC and other financial regulators demand audits. To make sure that the principles are telling the truth.

There is a reason why CRU, Mann, Jones, et al. are refusing to submit to an audit, and it isn’t time constraints.

Comment by Jack – February 5, 2010 @ 11:23 am

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