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A Black Man I Can Relate To

I read this article about Pastor Jesse Lee Petersen. Here is a quote: Still, the contrast between Jesse Jackson’s wealth and fame and Jesse Lee Peterson’s relatively modest circumstances seems an object lesson in the fate of competing narratives and … Continue reading

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Giving Your All

I was able to watch the Sparta Bulldogs play in two regional games this week. The first was against a scrappy Red Bud team that was out played but wouldn’t give up and at a moment of triumph they were … Continue reading

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“just like evolution”

If you want to follow the climategate stories you have to look to British and Indian sources. The American main stream media still thinks it can cover for the industry. I enjoyed this quote from a Washington Post story at … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Dilemma

Here is the most helpful review on Amazon about the film “Darwin’s Dilemma” that we will be showing tonight at church. By Jon Covey (Torrance, CA USA) – See all my reviews(REAL NAME) "The Cambrian explosion was the most remarkable … Continue reading

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My last go around with end time scenarios gave me a revelation I hadn’t come to up to this point in time. That is that the mechanics of setting up a one world system will not come together until the … Continue reading

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The Truth Steps Forward

There are many articles like this one finally giving us the other voices concerning man made climate change. He quotes from this British paper’s (it seems that British reporters are the only ones following the story) story. Here is a … Continue reading

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Louis Giglio

We will be showing a Louis Giglio video tomorrow night called “Hope When Life Hurts Most”. I have been mixing some of his videos with our creation/evolution videos because he uses slides to such a great effect. Having Valentine’s day … Continue reading

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Shallow Woman

I proudly come from a military family. My father was a 30 year Marine who served two trips to Viet Nam. So I appreciated this takedown of a woman describing the best time to leave a military man is while … Continue reading

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“Where Your Money Is…”

 Here is an link to an article from the UK:–   Here is the quote:   The corporation is under investigation after being inundated with complaints that its editorial coverage of climate change is biased in favour of those … Continue reading

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“Teenage Wasteland” Revisited

Yes, I remember the song and could identify.

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