Times Like These

Here is the essay I wrote to put on the back of all of our flyers during our evolution/creation/intelligent design films. The comments are off but send me a message if you see an improvement or weakness.

Global Warming had arrived. Al Gore’s video has been shown to every school kid in the world and “all of the experts” agreed that global warming was real and it was happening because of man’s existence on the planet. Debate was shut down and politicians were being swept along to solve a problem that was worldwide in scope. It would take a worldwide effort. It would require sacrifice, but the price must be paid. Australia was one vote away from passing a drastic set of laws that would lead the way for other industrial nations to follow. The world leaders were gathering in Copenhagen to pass a treaty that would require all nations to reduce their carbon footprints. President Obama’s “Cap and Trade” had already made it through the House of Representatives and now it was onto Copenhagen to speak with one world voice to solve the greatest crisis we have ever faced.

The internet began buzzing with the released emails from the CRU, Climate Research Unit. These were the people that were giving the numbers to the UN that were justifying the coming Copenhagen treaty. It turns out that “all the experts” were lying and conspiring. They were lying because the emails showed that the earth was warming if you were careful to take some temperature readings but not others. They were lying because the rings of trees proved global warming; you just had to make sure you used the tree rings from certain trees that agreed with your desire to “prove” global warming. They were conspiring because they worked hard to make sure that only “believers” could get published in peer review journals. They were conspiring because they knew the truth but their desires to influence the direction of the entire world made them believe that truth did not matter if the aims were noble.

Australia’s government that had bought into manmade global warming fell as politicians saw that they had been led to believe a lie. Our newspapers tried to maintain the façade, publishing global warming stories, as the truth began to spread through the alternative media. President Obama went to Copenhagen but there was nothing going on, as much as they tried to pretend that they could maintain their hopes of the governments of the world uniting to fight manmade global warming they knew the gig was up. “All the experts” became a joke as we could see them for who they were: not disinterested scientists but prejudiced men and women willing to bend the truth to safeguard their positions of wealth and prestige.

The direction of getting the world to act and be as one is as old as time. That’s what Copenhagen was about and that was linked to our debates about healthcare. We live in a society where 40% of the births are illegitimate, meaning the mother and father are not married. One half of the other 60% of births will be affected by divorce. That will take out the father of 70% of the coming generation. That will be a generation that will need the government to take care of them.

The global warming conspiracy was aimed at remaking society. They failed but the true believers will try again and again. The next time it might be the need to unite the world to fight a world wide super plague. It’s all about government control that stretches over the entire globe. There is another conspiracy of true believers that works hand in glove with the global warmers. This conspiracy is not aimed at remaking society but in attacking each individual’s soul.

“All the experts agree” that man has evolved over millions of years through natural selection. But, could “all the experts” be wrong. This is why we are showing a series of films highlighting the scientists who do not believe in Darwinian evolution. We will be showing these films at the Potter’s House Church in Sparta each Sunday night at 6:30 starting this January 31st through to the end of March. What is at stake is what really matters!

Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God’s sake, let us freely hear both sides.”


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