Preparing for Copenhagen

It seems that there was a race to examine the scientific evidence that was being used to justify action at the Copenhagen meetings. This article talks about the efforts of the staff of University of East Anglia to keep from releasing data despite a court order to do so. They just needed to hold out a little longer when the emails were leaked that sunk their efforts to hide the data. Here is a quote:

The stolen e-mails , revealed on the eve of the Copenhagen summit, showed how the university’s Climatic Research Unit attempted to thwart requests for scientific data and other information, and suggest that senior figures at the university were involved in decisions to refuse the requests. It is not known who stole the e-mails.

For people without conscience the end always justifies the means. People with a passion for a lie are described in the bible:

Prov 26:23  Fervent lips with a wicked heart
Are like earthenware covered with silver dross.

Their passion and speaking ability like silver hide what is really in their hearts. The old phrase that came from this verse is: a silver tongued devil.


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