A Future without Fathers

Heather Mac Donald has written a great article entitled: "Chicago’s Real Crime Story". She weaves the fabric of President Obama’s work as a community outreach worker with the unsolved problems of Chicago’s south side he left behind. She uses the murder of the “good” student caught on video that raised such an outcry nationwide to point out the total lack of dealing with the real problem. Here is a quote:

The citywide outcry that followed was heartfelt but beside the point. None of the prominent voices calling for an end to youth violence—from Mayor Washington to Jesse Jackson to school administrators—noted that all of Wilson’s killers came from fatherless families (or that he had fathered an illegitimate child himself). Nor did the would-be reformers mention the all-important fact that a staggering 75 percent of Chicago’s black children were being born out of wedlock. The sky-high illegitimacy rate meant that black boys were growing up in a world in which it was normal to impregnate a girl and then take off. When a boy is raised without any social expectation that he will support his children and marry his children’s mother, he fails to learn the most fundamental lesson of personal responsibility. The high black crime rate was one result of a culture that fails to civilize men through marriage.

I had a young man in church in Seattle. We were good friends with his mother and did our best to get them to church and be an important part of the kids lives. Our young man was very talented in electronics, able to assemble a computer way back in the early 90’s. I took him to electronics show and in my mind I could see him just excelling through life. He did well in school. Then came the high school years. First his English changed and then his motivation to get good grades stopped. Church stopped and life took its course. It was like the writer in “Finding Forester” where the student is careful to conceal his educational desires from his friends.

Along those lines here is an interesting article about: being harassed for acting white.


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