Pastor Paul Stevens

Pastor Stevens preached from 2 Ki 14 13-21. “You discover who you really are in times of crisis”. He takes aim at a common mind set. What is the least I need to do to get what I want? Bringing it to church: What is the minimum I need to do to maintain my ministry”.

The Minimum Mentality

The need to put courage back in our hearts so we can fulfill the will and calling of God. Referring to the text: What does the arrow of deliverance reveal for your ministry. Joash wanted to offer the minimum because that what was in his heart. He did not have a desire for excellence and complete victory. Three is good enough. Elisha, the prophet, is angry at his half-heartedness. Best selling books tell us about having Our Best Life with minimal effort. Is this the “image of your ministry with minimal keeping of standards replacing people with a heart for ministry”. From Rev 3 “about to die” can sum up many ministries when they embrace the minimum mentality.

Consequences of Minimum Mentality

Everything you touch embodies mediocrity. You deposit the minimum into maintaining your marriage. A test of minimum mentality can be seen in the pastor’s commitment to morning prayer starting the process of God’s dominion. The minimum mentality is a product of carnality/sin in our lives. That half hearted spirit is transmitted to the people we hang around with. How is someone effected by your life? Ultimately this will rob you of a future – think of the wise and foolish virgins.

The conclusion is to not ask what the minimum I can do but what is the maximum. How is this being expressed in my life? Jesus did the maximum, taking it to the cross. The maximum is laying down our lives for the cause of Christ. The ending from the text shows us that when the dead make contact with life they can come to life.


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