Pastor Richard Ruby

Pastor Ruby preached about the need to be a “Defender of Doctrine” using 1 Tim 4:6-7,12-16 as his text. He spoke of a woman Anglican priest who had converted to Islam and how it took the denomination 3 years to figure out if this would effect her ability to be a defender of Anglican and Christian doctrine. The word “doctrine” is linked to the pastoral epistles. The pastor is to be the defender of doctrine against “doctrinal predators” or as described in the bible “savage wolves”.

“The modern trend is not to defend doctrine but to transcend doctrine.” He spoke of Joel Osteen’s interview with Larry King where Larry did his utmost to get Joel to say that a Muslim or a homosexual could miss heaven – Joel’s responses were a very diplomatic “I don’t know”.

In the bible some old time false doctrines are opposed such as the “doctrine of Balaam” and Jesus says “I hate the doctrine of the Nicolatians”. The reason a pastor must be the defender of doctrine is because doctrine determines direction.

He described his conference in San Antonio where the line snakes around his building to get inside when it opens, all able to be viewed from the highways that intersect at that location. He got calls because the rumored explanation for the lines were that free swine flu shots were being given away. Conference can be an inoculation for the virus of false doctrine. Pastors must educate themselves and be careful to not confuse doctrine and dogma.

Three doctrines we believe that effect the direction of the church are eminence with a rapture before the 7 year tribulation, holiness with a “whosoever will” call to repentance and salvation as opposed to a Calvinistic once saved always saved and universalism where everyone is saved and the baptism of the holy ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. False doctrine rarely enters our minds through bible study but usually by relationships. He spoke of how the assemblies of God who believe these same things were forced to vote about the validity of speaking in tongues in service, although it was voted down, it showed to what lengths some were willing to go to be seeker friendly. There is no replacement for the presence of God. At lunch afterwards we talked of a pastor we all knew who has went down the path of replacing Israel with the church and Kingdom Theology. We concluded that “bad company corrupts good manners”.

He concluded with Gehazi’s soup “there’s death in the soup” the prophets solution was to add flour, this is what preaching good doctrine does for the spiritual diet of Christians, it is not exciting but it is basic that is healthy.


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