Pastor Greg Mitchell

Pastor Mitchell took the story from 1 kings 14 about Rehoboam losing the golden shield and replacing them with bronze shields. In 1993 Usak museum in  Turkey was given a priced golden statue of a horse from the Kingdom of Lydia. Thirteen years later they discovered that all of their security efforts were guarding a fake, because the manager of the museum had replaced the original with a fake.

This is a fellowship sermon aimed at the creeping relativism that can effect the church. There is a need to not lower the standards. Do not give up the gold standard; what is the gold standard? The gold standard is a man speaking words that when a man hears them he changes and yields his life to God.

Rehoboam was not operating under a calling but an appointment. He was unwilling to fight for the gold shields; he inherits them and loses them in battle. Instead of trying to reclaim them he makes substitutes of brass. Instead of contending for the genuine he settles for a substitution. He describes the folly of living with a substitute for the real thing. At first there would be some embarrassment, remembering the real gold, then they would pretend that they are the real thing and finally they come to a place of thinking that the substitute is equal in value to the original. Sardis from the book of revelation: You have a name but you are dead. He points out that the Queen of Sheba and others came to see the original gold shields but no one came to see the replacement brass shields.

The need to get the gold back is the final point. Brass is easy but gold requires effort and expense.

Rev 3:18
18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich;

Why pretend when you can have the real thing, to reclaim the real thing there must be some changes.

Isaiah goes to conference from Is 6.

I saw the Lord.

Who will I send.

I will – that’s the gold standard.


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