Pastor Wayman Mitchell

Pastor Mitchell opens up our conference speaking on the theme, “Impartation, Carrying the Spirit and Vision” with the conference text: 2 Ki 2:9 “Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me!” Now an leader of 80 years of age reminds of what we all know but sometimes forget: “pursuit of destiny is not independent of another person”. A Pastor Mitchell favorite phrase: “God is able and He will move through human personality. Are we willing to invest our lives in another man’s ministry? The answer has to be yes. Elijah and Elisha are the perfect illustration of the need for relationship and contending to get that mantle passed from one man to another. Three times Elisha says “As the Lord lives I will not leave you”. The concept of a double portion to receive spiritually is tied to the birthright dimension. The double portion includes inheritance, status blessing and favor of God – Grace above and beyond. He uses a quote from Coach Dave Daubenmire. His quote talked of pastors trying to take the “male” out of his Christianity. Finishes with a call to receive and to have something to impart to someone else.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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