Pastor Harold Warner

“I’ve Got a Word for You” is the title for a sermon from Acts 21:7-14. Pastor Warner, Mr. Balance, mentions that he hasn’t heard an entire sermon on this subject, possibly excepting Pastor Mitchell’s illustrated sermon at a pastor’s meeting. That was the one where Pastor Mitchell talked about you being sure that when you give a word to someone from God you had better be sure. He said this while he through a rock up and caught it over and over as he spoke. He talks of the need for discernment and quotes a pastor who described personal spiritual gifting as “bitter-sweet”. A misunderstood aspect of ministry. He talks of Paul’s exhortation to “not despise prophecies” from 1 Thes 5. The reason Paul has to say this is because the operation of the gift can be tainted or influenced by the flesh, the devil and our own personality. The old prophet in 1 Ki 13 gave a word to the young prophet to manipulate him. In modern Christian circles sometimes the given word can have more weight than the “Word” of God. We see the positive in Jeremiah, Nathan and Timothy all with the exhortation to “quench not” and yet we are to “test” and “hold fast to good”. A prophetic word should edify, exhort and comfort us. We have a personal responsibility to test a word given to us. The given word is only a part of a larger script, and how that given word will effect us comes down to our heart condition. Some good advise: put the word on the shelf without acting on it and see if it is from God as time passes.


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