New Security Measures

Joan and I are starting our trip to Prescott for the bible conference. We caught the shuttle at 7 to make our flight at 9. Plenty of time. I was interested in seeing and sensing any heightened security at the airport. It has been one year since either one of has flown and the St Louis airport seemed busier than I remember. We did all of the normal things and passed through without any issues. There was a father and a son in front of us. The boy was about 7 or 8 years old. The screener asked about liquids and they asked if they could keep their baseball caps on. He said Ok. The young boy was pulled to the side for a body scan. The woman authorizing the search shouted out loudly the reason for the young boy to be pulled aside: “baggy sweatshirt”. Everyone on this 6 degree day is layered in clothing, but this boy obviously had crossed some imagined line in her mind or the regulations that she follows to the letter.

Watching this boy be frisked in the name of political correctness is laughable except it is so engrained in our public service class. The logic must be that if they don’t frisk every person with a baggy sweatshirt they will be guilty of political incorrectness when they pull aside the person exhibiting real warning signs in his or her baggy sweat shirt. After putting our shoes on we watched as an obviously tired and stressed older man in his 70’s was brought to the rear for a closer interrogation of his clothing.

I have been through Israeli security checks and enjoyed the common sense approach to their dilemma. Each security agent is given the latitude to make judgments based on their sense of the person they are dealing with. Watching the security man come and frisk the boy you could see in his face that he knew how ridiculous this was. As a society we have made a decision that we cannot trust government employees with making common sense decisions. Everything must be by the book. Watching this creeping bureaucratic mindset get ready to take over health care for Americans should send shivers down any thinking person’s spine. Think of your medical decisions being decided without a doctor’s intuition or common sense and replaced by the same lady who called for that boy to be frisked. 


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