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A Parallel Universe

I enjoyed writing my essay entitled “Times Like These”. Here is an article it compares nicely with. Here is a quote:   But however doomed the effort, it is worth the strain to re-summon the spectre of the Copenhagen festival. … Continue reading

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Fudging the Results

Here is a preliminary report by Joseph D’Aleo. Here is a quote: NOAA appears to play a key role as a data gatherer/gatekeeper for the global data centers at NASA and CRU. Programmer E.M. Smith’s analysis of NOAA’s GHCN found … Continue reading

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Bad Science

The phrase “It turns out to be bad science” highlights this news broadcast. This broadcast came from KUSI meteorologist, Weather Channel founder, and iconic weatherman, John Coleman explaining the science and controversy surrounding Global Warming. You can see the broadcast … Continue reading

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False Strategy

The scientists that push man-made global change and the scientists that push evolution from a single celled animal to us have this strategy in common. Never admit to anything. We see this in the latest article from Scientific American entitled … Continue reading

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Glaciergate articles

I got these from Here are some links: Christopher Booker’s "Pachauri: The real story behind the glaciergate scandal" and Ben Webster’s "Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen." See also Jililan Kay Melchior’s "Ignoring ‘climategate’" and … Continue reading

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Times Like These

Here is the essay I wrote to put on the back of all of our flyers during our evolution/creation/intelligent design films. The comments are off but send me a message if you see an improvement or weakness. Global Warming had … Continue reading

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Tougher to Pull Off

The president, in his State of the Union Address, used the language of yesterday concerning global warming. His quote: “I Know there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change.” This brought forth some well deserved … Continue reading

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Preparing for Copenhagen

It seems that there was a race to examine the scientific evidence that was being used to justify action at the Copenhagen meetings. This article talks about the efforts of the staff of University of East Anglia to keep from … Continue reading

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“Glaciergate” is following the same dynamics of climategate scientists in general. They have an agenda. They are willing to say anything to accomplish that agenda. The kicker is that they plan to enrich themselves in the process. Here is the … Continue reading

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A Future without Fathers

Heather Mac Donald has written a great article entitled: "Chicago’s Real Crime Story". She weaves the fabric of President Obama’s work as a community outreach worker with the unsolved problems of Chicago’s south side he left behind. She uses the … Continue reading

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