Climate Change Scandal Mimics Evolution Debate

International climate change was and still is the easiest vehicle to move us closer to one world government. The triumph of Darwinian evolution in science in our schools and society has influenced many people in their knowledge of God. You can pick up any text book and although evolution is explained as fact the actual evidence and space given to explain it is minimal. Its just like Dan Brown’s book “The DaVinci Code”: all the experts agree. I am hoping to see more articles like this one by Dr. Stephen Meyer. Here is a quote:


Believers in human-caused global climate change have been placed under an uncomfortable spotlight recently. That is thanks to the Climategate scandal, centering on e-mails hacked from the influential Climate Research Unit (CRU) at England’s University of East Anglia. The e-mails show scientists from various academic institutions hard at work suppressing dissent from other scientists who have doubts on global warming, massaging research data to fit preconceived ideas, and seeking to manipulate the gold standard “peer review” process to keep skeptical views from being heard.
Does this sound familiar at all? To me, as a prominent skeptic of modern Darwinian theory, it sure does. For years, Darwin-doubting scientists have complained of precisely such abuses, committed by Darwin zealots in academia.



The evolution debate is far from over and I think that now as the curtain has been pulled back upon the petty prejudices of the scientific community there just might be a return to the “wonder of it all” as we see the hand of the creator in everything around us.


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