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A Writer’s Thinking

Here is a quote that caught my attention from the blog The quote is from Stephen Hunter as he writes about his latest novel, I, Sniper. Here is the quote: A novel is many things to its author — … Continue reading

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Climate Change Scandal Mimics Evolution Debate

International climate change was and still is the easiest vehicle to move us closer to one world government. The triumph of Darwinian evolution in science in our schools and society has influenced many people in their knowledge of God. You … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Future

Victor Davis Hanson has written this: "Where did these Guys Come From". He describes three foundational stones which President Obama’s actions rest on. The first is the belief in “Equality of Result”. He reminds us that this philosophy gave us … Continue reading

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Here’s “Hopin”

The only good news about the health care debate is in this article. Here is a quote from Ed Morrisy:   Unfortunately for Democrats in Congress, that move tosses them under a very big bus.  They wanted to close this … Continue reading

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The Truth be Told

We are half way through a concrete project at the church. Saturday’s work was the most labor intensive, with picking and shoveling along with the setting of the forms. Afterwards, we all went out for a meal together. As the … Continue reading

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