Sarah Palin

I am enjoying Sarah Palin’s storming of the political scene. We are a society where the men are becoming like women and the women are becoming like men. Here is the latest from Huffington Post. The statement has been made: “There isn’t a man out there articulating conservative values like her”. Given that a man will not rise up and battle the system the way she has we might have her be our political standard bearer in the future. My dream combination would be General Petraeus teaming up with Sarah.


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One Response to Sarah Palin

  1. Steve says:

    Personally I wish Mrs. Palin would go away. If she is on the Republican ticket again I won\’t vote Republican. She is all talk and it\’s easy for a woman to talk tough. She\’ll never have to back up her rhetoric with actions. God judges nations by having women and children be leaders. Both in church and in politics. No women preachers or presidents. Besides, Mrs. Palin is no real conservative to me. She wouldn\’t know a real conservative if it bit her on the leg. God deliver us from women like her in public office. And in church.

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