“The Preaching Cowboy”

We are getting ready for Pastor Dave Robinson coming and preaching for us this Sunday through Thursday. I had become a Christian in 1983 while traveling through the small town of Wickenburg on my way to Hobbs, New Mexico to sell a house and then onto Europe. It was on that trip that I met Jesus outside of Jim Kudkowski’s house overlooking the desert of Arizona. It would be three years later that Pastor Robinson would come to Wickenburg to be pastor. His is the pastor of the Wickenburg church today. Wickenburg is world famous for its dude ranches. In my days there it also was known to have more millionaires per capita than any other town in America. Pastor Robinson was a real cowboy. This was reinforced by the stream of cowboys that seemed to follow him into the church over the years. This past month of October he spent riding for a rancher bringing the cattle in to be transported to lower country over the winter. He has always been good to preach for me in Seattle and then three times in Zambia over the seven years that we were there. This will be his and Diane’s first trip to Sparta. We are looking forward to showing them the sights, introducing them to the Sparta folks and listening to his special style of preaching that speaks with living examples that most of us have forgotten or never knew.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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