A Marine Cut

I heard a story about a father’s abuse of his family. The result has been a downhill ride for the son. One of the things the father used to do when he was drunk was grab his son and give him a buzz haircut.


The reason I mention this is I have been struggling with a comment my daughter Brooke made to me while we were visiting family in New York. She said she has never seen anyone have a salvation experience like I had.


I had to take time and think about what she said, for it seems to me also that people who get saved today seem to take a long time to experience the deliverance and power that should follow a salvation experience. I included this thought in a recent sermon: What I Learned on My Summer Vacation.


I wonder if this has to do with the father’s giving up their roles as heads of household in their families, and still more common, just not taking responsibility for their children. Maybe, it is part of the spiritual price our nation is paying for allowing millions of children to be aborted before their lives can unfold.


The buzz haircut comment brought back memories of my own father. I proudly wore a Marine haircut all my life until the seventh grade. The year was 1968 when we moved and in a new school with changes in the air I realized that I was self-conscious about my Marine hair style because of the girls. I talked to my Dad and started to grow my hair out with his permission. It would be four years later when my Dad was getting ready to leave for his second tour of duty in Viet Nam that on my own I went and got a Marine hair cut to honor his sacrifice.


I am trying to bring this all together to relate to how we perceive God our father. Two identical haircuts, one leading to shame and rejection, the other leading to pride and honor. Two lives come to God. The call is to lay down our lives to bring honor to God the father. I can see the difficulties to overcome because of a father’s sin.

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1 Response to A Marine Cut

  1. philip says:

    My relationship with my father was not allways the best, despite that, the older I got I could certainly understand him better. Now that he is gone, I appreciate his sacrifices more and more. Having said that, there is hope for fathers, God has done much in my relationship with my son, much healing, much progress. I have learned that healing and restoration is possible, reuben and I are a testament to that, the cycle can be broken, life is too short, time is too precious, lets let our time with our children no matter how short or long, be quality time, lots of love and laughter!

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