Stumbling into the Light

Life was not going well and it was another bad piece of news. Yes, just a little more help and they can make it through the day’s struggle. I was just finishing making a car rental reservation when this new reality came to the house. I stopped what I was doing and we talked, made some calls and I gave up a little cash. My friend left and I returned to my computer to finish the task of renting the car. Everything was set for the final click but the page had timed out. So I started the process fresh only to discover that following the same directions this time gave me a substantially lower price than what I was just previously about to pay.


Prov 19:17 He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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1 Response to Stumbling into the Light

  1. Unknown says:

    8/13/09 I had a similar experience. I was looking all over for a gasket for my "Champion toilet" that I bought at a building supply store a year ago. It was leaking and though those toilets are sold all over, no one has the gaskets. I went to store after hardware store. No one had them. I could have ordered it on line and it would have cost me 3x as much with the shipping charges. I went one last time to the store where I bought the toilet. The salesman didn\’t see a gasket on the display. He went and opened a new toilet and took out the needed gasket and and gave it to me no charge, saying that he would order a new one for the toilet he opened and because he recommended the "Champion" to lots of folks, he would make sure he ordered the gaskets for them. I thanked him. I felt blessed and I thanked the Lord. It reminded me that we are God\’s hand to bless others.He is ever present to bless us, even in small ways. I needed reminding, as I tend to be stingy. P.S. Happy Birthday, JTCH, love OZ

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