Photo Trips

Here is a short photo drop. Joan and I went to Rock Pile Wilderness in the Mark Twain Forest. Climbed a watch tower, followed the trail of a violent storm, hiked and spotted the biggest water snake I have ever seen. We then were rewarded with a short visit with our Livingston, Zambia buddies, the Bayles. They came, preached, and left their great kids with us for 3 days. A picture of Niko, Syriah and Jerica at the Cahokia Mounds. I included a couple photos of our back yard with bird feeder with squirrel protector and my Mississippi Valley garden with 8 ft tomato plants. I will see if I can fit them all in this post.


About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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One Response to Photo Trips

  1. Terrie says:

    You could of left the picture of the snack out. yuk. It looked like the kids had a lot of fun.

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