Hospital Ministry

I had a great visit to St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Bellville today. One of our ladies in church had a friend of a friend ask if I could go and visit Donna. I called ahead and asked the nurse about seeing visitors and specifically about a preacher visiting her. I received her OK. I came into the room as a nurse was attending her. I had to dress up in hospital garb, gloves, mask and robe.


So I began a great time with Donna. The conversation turned to the bible and she was wanting to read the book of Ruth. Well, as this is one of the sweetest stories in the bible it couldn’t be better. So I recalled the story of Ruth to her, enjoying Naomi’s name change, and Ruth just happening upon Boaz’ fields and the harvest party ending with Ruth’s marriage to Boaz and their son Jesse the father of David.


We moved on to the woman being stoned (the woman (where was the man) caught in adultery). I recounted the story with the mystery of what Jesus wrote in the sand. Finishing with Jesus’ admonition to go and sin no more. We finished with a recap of the book of Ecclesiastics. All is vanity and the conclusion to love the wife of your youth, work and love God.


She started to tire, but seemed to be enjoying the mini-sermons, so I took the opportunity to pray with her and for her and then headed home probably as ministered to by her as she was by me.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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