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Photo Trips

Here is a short photo drop. Joan and I went to Rock Pile Wilderness in the Mark Twain Forest. Climbed a watch tower, followed the trail of a violent storm, hiked and spotted the biggest water snake I have ever … Continue reading

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Deficit Spending Video

Here is an interesting video about deficit spending. Joan and I just agreed that most people think it is about helping people, the minority understand these spending programs as a way of tying everyone to the government.

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Voices in the Wilderness Matter

Here is an article about the politics of cap and trade in Australia. I hope the same thing happens here. We are being manipulated on so many fronts simultaneously that we might just wake up to that “Brave New World”. … Continue reading

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Old Persia to Neda

I have been reading "The Legacy of Persia" edited by A. J. Arberry and published in 1953. Persia is modern Iran and was able to maintain its identity despite the Arab invasion spurred on by its Islamic faith. They just … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Article

Here is a Father’s Day article: "Five Myths on Fathers and Family".   Myth #1 the stay at home father.   Actually less than one percent of the 22.5 million families have a stay at home Dad.   Myth #2 … Continue reading

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Secret Battlefield

I thought this was interesting from "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. This came from his blog at The point the book is that it tends to be liberal tendencies that lead to fascism. You can see hints of our … Continue reading

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The Speech

Here is the complete text of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today:   Honored guests, citizens of Israel. Peace has always been our people’s most ardent desire. Our prophets gave the world the vision of peace, we greet one another with wishes … Continue reading

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Keith Welty

Keith Welty passed away this last Saturday. We had the funeral at the church Wednesday June 10th. He died of heart failure. I met Keith when he came into church last August for a pot luck following a baptism. We … Continue reading

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“The Coming Anarchy”

I want to get a few book thoughts together before they get too backlogged. I read "The Coming Anarchy" by Robert Kaplan published in 2000. It is a collection of 9 of his published essays that give a picture of … Continue reading

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Emails from Hotel Babylon

I am sitting here in Sparta enjoying, as Joan has explained to me, the convergence of the cold from the North meeting the warmth from the South over our heads today. Out one window I watch the garden grow, looking … Continue reading

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