Damon Mitchell

Joan and I visited SWIC (Southwestern Illinois College) in Belleville so she could get oriented and sell and buy textbooks. At the bookstore I asked if the man who asked me if I needed any help was the singer. He said yes. I had just read an article about Damon Mitchell (Facebook) in the college paper. He was the manager of the on-campus Barnes and Noble. He performs gospel music and must do a pretty good job with his last performance at the St Louis Repertory Theatre.


We got to talking. I had a Zambia cap on so we could talk about third world missions. He had been to the Dominican Republic several times. We talked about fulfilling dreams. I think for Joan completing college is one of those personal dreams for her. He paused me after one comment I made to remember “Everyone benefits when someone’s dream happens”.


He began to talk about calling and the fear of responding. As of yet, he doesn’t know for sure what God wants him to do, but the day will come and I am sure God will take care of him and his family. I came away edified.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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