“Is there not a cause?”

We are in the middle of a revival with Johnny Valtierres from Prescott. He has a great preaching style, quiet yet forceful, giving individuals and the church words from the throne of grace. Last night a young man with his son showed up after service. I ran into Ray and his son when I first came to town. Joan and I were shooting a basketball in the park when this young (I thought girl) boy wanted to shoot the ball. I had to pick him up and he would be able to just get it over the rim for a basket. His excitement at the accomplishment of this feat was all consuming. One night late I was walking the streets late looking to run into someone to invite to our "Meth" play. Here comes Ray speeding by me on a bike. I shout and he spins around comes back and graciously takes an invitation flyer. The night of the play I am standing in front of the Cinemaplex where the play will take place when this girl pulls up to go inside and pick up her paycheck. Sitting in the passenger seat was Ray, he said upon seeing me; "I am suppose to be here tonight". So seeing him step into the church, even if it was after the service, was a step in the right direction.
I was substituting at Coulterville the other day. The class had to recite a poem they had written. One girl read a poem that described the perfect family. The poem took an emotional turn for the worse with abandonment and divorce as the girl began to cry unable to finish. The class quietly encouraged her. She later finished the reading. Poetry that touches the heart is real. As David said: "Is there not a cause?"

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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