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“A Safe Haven”

I just finished "A Safe Haven Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel". I had read Chaim Wiseman’s biography “Trial and Error” as well as Heller’s look at the politics of Ben Gurion at the start of the Israeli … Continue reading

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Fultz Bluff Picutres

Try Again!

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Bluffs Overlooking the Mississippi Valley

Joan and I went to a small festival in Fultz underneath the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. We hiked up to a unique semi-desert landscape that covers just the points of the bluffs. We then traveled along Bluff Road into … Continue reading

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A Unisex Future?

Here is an interesting article about disappearing men on campus. Some of the comments are worth a gander.   The prophetic verse is: Jer 51:30 30 The mighty men of Babylon have ceased fighting, They have remained in their strongholds; … Continue reading

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Unwed Mothers

I used a statistic in a recent sermon that we have reached the point in our nation where 40% of our births are with unwed mothers. It seemed high, and I just repeated something I am sure I had read … Continue reading

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Damon Mitchell

Joan and I visited SWIC (Southwestern Illinois College) in Belleville so she could get oriented and sell and buy textbooks. At the bookstore I asked if the man who asked me if I needed any help was the singer. He … Continue reading

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Best Shirt Story Ever

Terri from has a great story about red shirts in this article .I enjoyed it immensely.

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Living Sermon

I had a nice intersection of my sermon and life before I preached it. Steve was helping me locate and buy a used lawn mower. This associated effort took place after a revival message about gouging eyes and cutting off … Continue reading

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Too Scary to Contemplate

"Live Free or Die" is the latest article from Mark Steyn.   There are stages to the enervation of free peoples. America, which held out against the trend, is now at Stage One: The benign paternalist state promises to make … Continue reading

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“Is there not a cause?”

We are in the middle of a revival with Johnny Valtierres from Prescott. He has a great preaching style, quiet yet forceful, giving individuals and the church words from the throne of grace. Last night a young man with his … Continue reading

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