The “Meth” Play

The Clarksville church, with Pastor Bob Alvarez did a great job on their “Meth” play last night here in Sparta. The “Sparta Community Choir” gave us permission to use their facilities located within the Cinema Complex of Sparta. The acting was superb. We started with April practicing her violin, exhibiting talent and the drive that goes with mastering an instrument. She shares an apartment with Genny her best friend; as they both are attending university.


Joel arrives on the scene, having taken over his brother’s drug business after his brother was mysteriously betrayed to the police. Joel shares this news with a snicker and an “Oh well, it looks like I will have to carry on the family tradition”. He gets Genny and another friend started on "meth". The action goes back and forth between a video presentation and stage acting. Each time the stage is reset the video screen is filling un in on details about meth and those trapped by it. The refrain is: I’ll just do meth once; I don’t want to end up like him (cut to the same person later on after getting hooked on meth).


Genny gets April to try it to give her energy for her busy schedule. The drugs take over more and more territory of their lives. Bob, the busted brother, gets out of prison and comes to talk to the girls about Jesus and salvation. They chase him out.


One night the drug induced evening goes all wrong, there is a quarrel about the drug, the boyfriend goes crazy and knifes the friend of Genny and April. Genny runs and April comes into the room to discover the body, finding blood on her hands, the police arrive and arrest her. In a dual scene with a rapper rapping she is booked into jail while Genny prays with Bob.


Final scene: Joel leaving after having sex with April. He tosses a bag of meth on the table as he leaves. This is after Genny has moved out and April is all alone. It ends with a handgun.


The play ends leaving everyone stunned the acting has been excellent, the rapper has done great, the technicians have handled the multimedia presentation well and there is a subdued quietness in the theatre. We preach, it could happen to anyone, a few bad breaks, rejection here, betrayal there and a person looks for something more than the ugliness of life and they try drugs. We have an altar call. Hands go up. We pray together. The night ends.


We had a full house. The theater seats 150 and we only had a few single seats vacant. We had a group of 6 recovering addicts attend. We had the McDonald’s crowd, the Marion church, the Carbondale church and I’m sure the movie theatre was even happy as to the amount of pop corn that was purchased. Thanks again to Rich, Anna and Erica of the Sparta Community Choir.


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