The Times Are a Coming

This is my introduction for tomorrow’s sermon. The info comes from these articles: this by David Goldman and articles from China Confidential.


President Obama makes nice with Ahmadinejad of Iran. Simultaneously, George Mitchell our special envoy to Israel tells them that time is running out for a two nation solution. Any peace agreement put into place now with a nuclear Iran, unopposed by the US, would require Israel to give up ground to Syria, Iran’s ally. It would force Israel to recognize Hamas, an Iranian sponsored terror group, as the de-facto leader of a new Palestinian nation. It would give Hezbollah, another Iranian sponsored terror group operating out of Lebanon, a free hand to terrorize a shrunken Israeli nation.


Possibly, this was just an anomaly. But, President Obama bows before a Saudi King, and then continues to make nice with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Iran’s new ally in Latin America.


How tough are we? A missile is shot from N. Korea that violated their agreements with us and we threatened to shoot it down, but we did nothing.


George Mitchell warns Israel to not attack Iran’s nuclear installation. In a very short amount of time everything has changed.


My college experience in doing nation simulations. It was in 1978 or 79 that one group went for total disarmament, and the rest of the groups, including mine went along. The teacher was amazed, because this was the first time in the history of the simulations that a disarmament strategy worked. This is seeming like a strategy that President Obama is willing to try.


Meantime back in the states: In an article by a Mr. Goldman, he talked about the withering of the American family. From 1970 to 2009 our population increased from 200 million to 300 million. Yet, the # of 2 parent families with children stayed the same at 25 million. This helps us understand the present economic distress, because it is these families that are the engine of the housing market where all of our present troubles manifested. In 1973 we had 36 million 3 bedroom or larger houses. By 2005 that # had doubled to 72 million but we still only had the 25 million 2 parent with children families to buy them. Although, the two parent families had stayed the same the single parent families and the childless families made up the majority of the 77 million total families. But, the single parent family is usually not in a position to buy the houses. The fact is that the demographics of the nation could not support the housing market. If those single parent households could have stayed or become two parent households then we would be going very strong and looking forward to a bright economic future.


Instead, we are looking at a dimmer and dimmer economic future where many of the means of production are going to be crippled while the government borrows money to reward the green movement and increase the number of people working directly for the government.


The table has been set. Most people will be willing to take the mark for economic assurances for the future.


The cultural wars seem to have been lost. Americans in choosing sexual freedom, abortion, unwed mothers and homosexual marriage have said “no” to the idea of a biblical marriage. I remember in 1990 being invited over to a party of our neighbor’s in Seattle. Everyone at the party was single because of divorce or choice. We stood out like a sore thumb.


Here is a Goldman quote: “The promise of sexual freedom has brought nothing but emptiness and anomie.” Anomie means: the erosion of a moral code causing disorientation.


And here we are.


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