Fossil Can’t Lie, Only Men

Here is a story from Yahoo’s AP feed: rare fossil octopuses


What one sees is all dependent upon your belief system. I see an octopus fossil that “is almost indistinguishable from living species”, thus confirming my belief that God created all creatures “according to its kind”.

From the article:

Prior to this discovery only a single fossil species was known, and from fewer specimens than octopuses have legs, Fuchs said.

What most surprised Fuchs and his colleagues Giacomo Bracchi and Robert Weis was how similar the specimens are to modern octopus. "These things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species," Fuchs said.

This provides important evolutionary information, revealing much earlier origins of modern octopuses and their characteristic eight-legged body-plan, Fuchs said.

Yet another person who puts his faith in evolution sees this 95 million year old fossil that looks like a octopus of today as “important evolutionary evidence”.


Pontius Pilate would be right at home today: “What is truth?”


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