Big Brother Cares about You

One of my enjoyments of life is visiting farmer’s markets. We did most of our vegetable shopping in Zambia at a big farmer’s market in Lusaka. I would always buy from the gardener’s in the compounds selling their tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. I would buy the ground nuts (peanuts) and managed to live and eat there for 7 years without ever contracting food poisoning. It was only when I returned to the states that I ate some bad frozen fish and enjoyed the charms of my stomach dealing with the poison. My conclusion, I feel safe eating freshly picked produce. But, the one world government doesn’t share my security. I sure hope they don’t outlaw having a garden this year; all for my safety I am sure.


About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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One Response to Big Brother Cares about You

  1. Teri says:

    It is said that God made fruits and vegetables in brilliant colors to catch our attention and get us to eat them – because they are GOOD for us!!! these pics certainly show the brilliant colors!God blessTeri

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