A New International Currency?

Reading this article and thinking about the prophetic future; one cannot help but think that President Obama has arrived at this critical juncture to usher in the next big step towards one world government, preceded by a new international currency.


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2 Responses to A New International Currency?

  1. Teri says:

    oh y e a h!!! Hold on – we are so in for the ride of our lives!God blessTeri

  2. ╬ ◦ MәţǎmðŗρЂΦşǐک says:

    yeah there all kinds of crazy things on the horizon eh…. Obama has been spending like crazy and his extension of friendship towards Muslim countries is going to be bad new for Israel…. Obama reminds me of the counterfeits of the anti-Christ… i don\’t think he is the anti-Christ I think he may be used to prepare the way of the dark Lord though, so to say… a twisted John the Baptist… perhaps the false prophet hahaanyway interesting read… God Bless!

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