Preachin Piano Preacher

Our revival finished off with Pastor Richard Brooks in an incredible fashion. Pastor Brooks brushed off the dust from his piano playing fingers and began to preach his sermon on David while playing the piano. It was entertaining, yet anointed, as he weaved in a few facts about David that were added for color: like he worked at Walmart. The refrain of the performance was: “David don’t you worry about a thing, You keep your eyes on your sheep and a watch on your soul”. You could feel the pastor’s heart as he and all of us believe and wait for God to move through this nation again. We had everyone from church out for the evening. His “sermon” was followed by a Happy Birthday for Rebecca Rivera on her 14th birthday. I tried to upload the video to “tangle” (godtube) but I wasn’t able to, I’ll try again later. Here is a photo of Pastor Richard Brooks at the piano and Rebecca in the Sparta IL Potter’s House.


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  1. philip says:

    Watching pastor minister his sermon in song, was a bit different, i was reminded of keith green and his passion for souls and the will of God. After the revival i was left with the impression that the will of God is not a random thing, but specific, how does a man ( pastor brooks ), go from a prison cell in australia, to preaching the gospel in sparta, il? I say divine appointment, which greatly encouraged me that as christians, were just not taking a shot in the dark, but that God has a plan for our lives.

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